About Go back to School

No more doubts, feelings of uncertainty or unanswered questions about your identity, purpose, power, or prayer life. Go Back To School connects you to all of the missing pieces of the puzzle about your earthly assignment and educates you on how to maintain strength and hope through test, challenges and afflictions without fear and frustration. It provides a primer of dissected biblical teachings for you to gain revelation with guidance.

You will learn:

  • The reason why you were created,
  • Why Jesus shed His Blood in seven bodily places,
  • The gift and purpose of the Holy Spirit for mankind,
  • Gods detailed and outlined instructions on kingdom wisdom and principles,
  • How to pray an get answer, and create a personalized scripted prayer,
  • Digest the significance of the number “seven” and God’s timing for your destiny,
  • Guidelines on how to defeat your enemies and walk in victory,
  • A full description of the weapons of warfare that are alive and active today,
  • Become familiar with the Names of God and the power of each Name,
  • And so much more.

How to Use the Book

This textbook style book on scriptural / biblical teachings, educational concepts, practical, detailed training with step-by-step guidelines will help individuals and groups discover TRUE IDENTITY as Christians.  It will instruct on WAYS TO LIVE an EMPOWERED LIFE.

GO BACK TO SCHOOL book includes practice test with multiple choice, true or false, and open ended questions, word puzzles, a certificate of completion and answer keys.

Individual Study Guide
Learn at your own pace. Determine a time line and goals for each lesson.  List out newly learned material and review the supporting scriptures to help TRANSFORM your THINKING into ACTION, and to a NEW LIFE.
Group Study Guide
Grow together and support each others’ personal and spiritual growth through  group study. Start with a KWL Chart: What I Know, What I Want to know and What I Learned. Use the questions and quizzes to share thoughts and action steps to change.
Church Study Guide
What better way to grow together as a church than to gain Kingdom Wisdom, Knowledge, and Principles together. Read together and ask a “Question of the Day” from each lesson.  Highlight the key points to Rewrite, Rephrase, and Reinforce.  Split-up into groups for open Q&A. See your church flourish with newfound knowledge and wisdom gained.

Reader Testimonies

About The Author

Lisa Ulmer is a teacher, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. Servicing urban public education, K-12 over the past twenty years, she instructed sociology at the higher education level. She possesses undergraduate Degrees in Human Social Services, Psychology and she is a Magna Cum Laude Masters graduate in the field of Education.

Lisa is on a mission to educate and empower believers as well as the unbeliever through practical, biblical, and instructional teaching. She demonstrates a message of expectation, truth and purpose that can apply to everyday life; manifesting wholeness, gaining revelation, free of fear and doubt. She loves to teach people to walk out their true destiny filled with blessings and miracles.



Watch Lisa speak about the the importance of reading this book.

Enlightenment Trailer

A video preview on how this book will be useful in your life, family and church.

Kingdom Wisdom

God’s Principles and Instructions described in detail making it relatable and purposeful for your life.

Spiritual Education 101

What God says about Spiritual Education and His instructions on knowing His Word.


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